A Volunteer Fundraiser 

The intention of Beat Kidney Stones is to appoint a Volunteer Fundraiser in every County in England and Wales. We have a number of positions still to fill.

Each applicant will be considered for a Fundraising role in a specific County or part of a large County.
Each applicant will be supported by the Volunteer CEO and receive training if required.
Each Fundraiser will work on their own initiative or in a group of Fundraisers and this is for the successful applicant to determine at any time.
Target incomes for the Charity, hours of work or frequency of work are determined by the Volunteer Fundraiser. 
Volunteer Fundraisers are individuals who like and feel very comfortable with what they do.
We try to be NOT specific in defining the perfect applicant because each applicant is different with different likes and dislikes.
Our intention is to provide support if/when needed but mainly to allow the successful applicant to fit this role into an already busy life.
We believe in allowing each applicants enthusiasm to carry them forward at the pace that they feel comfortable with.
The Volunteer Fundraisers will be working on their own and generating contacts and leads and keeping various sensible records of their accomplishments.

If you are interested then please contact in the first instance.
Exmoor Dark Skies Festival 

Beat Kidney Stones supported the "Exmoor Dark Skies Festival" and a discussion took place between kidney stone sufferers on the type of research the Charity could support during the Festival event on the 29th October 2017.

The following was supplied by the park authority. 

"Exmoor National Park is home to some of the darkest skies in Europe and was awarded the prestigious designation of International Dark Sky Reserve in 2011. The Park celebrated its designation with ten days of activities known as the ‘Exmoor Dark Skies Festival’ to promote the understanding and enjoyment of its dark skies."
More details at
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